Sharaf DG

Union Corp. Rashidiya

Supply & installation of heavy duty pallet racking with GI drop over panels + metal cage construction for high value items

Steve Madden

Dubai Marina Mall

White Horizon Lights

Al Quoz

Abu Mustafa Trading

Ras Al Khor

Design, planning & installation of heavy duty storage racking with 12cms beam section of load capacity 3500 kgs per beam level, with walkway made from gi gratings + 1 heavy duty staircase and with necessary handrail support along the peripheries
The racking was spread over in an area of 153 with a total number of 30 units planned in a manner whereby the customer can make maximum utilization of the given space and use the vertical height of the warehouse with the rack height extended to 4 mtr with 4 decking levels achieving a total shelf space of 120 shelves which calculated in terms of would be 363 of storage space provided in a total land area of 153, this can be achieved only with proper planning and an experienced team of fit out personnel

Rocket Trading


From our storage racking division this project is a 10,000 sq.ft warehouse in Sharjah where we Successfully supplied & installed GI Grating panels to build a mezzanine floor out of the existing racking + added one row of heavy duty pallet racks, in a warehouse overloaded with stocks it was a challenge for us to build the mezzanine within a given frame of time, but with the skill & experience of our fit out personnel we were able to finish the project on time.

Shubham Trading

Ras Al Khor

Installation of heavy duty racking and making gi gratings mezzanine floor in a warehouse with running operations, total project was completed in 7 days
Also display concepts was awarded office partition works and electrical fittings contract

Esal Trading


Empire BMT

Al Quoz

Al Jeidi

Dubai Maritime City


Al Quoz

Supply & installation of meduim duty storage racks at a building materials showroom in al quoz industrial area, our meduim duty storage racks can carry weight upto 500 kg per beam level which is ideal for clients whose stocks are not very heavy weight thus they can opt for this system which is the most economical option. We can produce the lenght of the beam in any size required but not exceeding 270 cms and decking can be provided either in galvanised panels or 18mm marine plywood


Al Quoz